"It's not about YOU, it's about YOU TWO."
Mark 10:8

"...and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh..."

I help spouses and spouses-to-be create more UNITY in marriage by teaching them how to effectively come UNION cate. (communicate) Communicaiton is the key to arguing less, and talking more.

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Christian Author

Poor communication skills is the #1 problem in marriage, says over 20 years of research. Learn how to communicate quickly, and effectively to save yourself from years of arguments, misunderstanding and possible divorce. 

Speaking Ministry. 


Helping husbands to see that  communicating as “one” means fusing how he thinks logically, with how he feels emotionally.  


Helping wives what she feels in her heart, directly so that her husband understands.


Helping couples carefully consider what ‘two’ becoming ‘one’ truly means. And how to live it out practically.


Guiding newlyweds towards quickly and seeing past their current problems. From my experiences to yours, so you don’t make the same mistakes commonly made by couples new to marriage.


Testimonials from my workshops

How my story helps.

Just 7 months after my wife and , for 4 years. However, not in the way you may think. We remained together, but, by thousands of miles. I was in the United States, and she was in St. Lucia. Two different countries. Imagine how much of a challenge is for married couples. Especially, newlyweds. When all you have is communication. However, our faithful, loving God, that situation our communication skills. I want to share what I’ve learned during that time to help couples work through communication problems that commonly happen. . It really and truly starts with our thoughts. And letting our thoughts center MARK 10:8 is the solution. With a mixture of spoken word poems, and 20 years of research grounded in God’s word, I aim the strongholds plaguing God’s design for marriage.


Felice is a very adept speaker, writer and poet. I have known Felice for over 20 years and his communication style has continued to evolve as he has cultivated his talents. He takes his craft and communication seriously and he focuses on his audiences and give the people not just what they want, but what they need! Three powerful words that I would use to describe Felice are Timely, Captivating and Pertinent.

Matthew Shaw
Senior Director

to his community and is always looking for ways to support . I know him to be trustworthy, reliable, and easy-going. Felice is a true man of God and very knowledgeable of the Word of God.

Alicia Baker
Financial Services world financial group

“Felice was a guest speaker for a Boys and Girls Club event I hosted. He has a tragic yet inspirational story that he shared . At the end of our event he also shared a few poems that were both thoughtful and emotive. I highly recommend Felice for speaking events or creative spoken word performances.”

Boys & Girls Club 
Board Member
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