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Communication in Marriage Specialist

  • M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy

    Professionally trained.

  • 20 Years of Experience

    I was an orphan by age 13. Personally, professionally and passionately, I have studied relationships, deeply.

  • Proven Value

    Over 20,000 members of the Christian community trust our online presence. Proven content impact.

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Communication Consultant

Build thriving relationships in your business. Invest in a communication consultant.

Communication Conflict Resolution

Creating evidence-based communication resolution plans for agencies, corporations and businesses. 

Pre- Marriage Coaching

Learn how to overcome the 20 typical marriage issues leading to divorce for a lasting relationship.

Marriage Tune-Up

Feeling like you’re almost done with the marriage? I been there, let me help you get through this. 

Public Speaking

Need to motivate the youth? Need to teach biblical and clinical communication skills to a group? Or do you simply need a public speaker that is also a spoken-word poet? I’m looking to serve. 

Panel Discussions

Need someone for your panel discussions? Click HERE

Communication Blog

Looking to improve the communication in your intimate relationships from dating to marriage? Check this resource out. We have 100's of articles. 

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