Felice Mathieu 

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"It's not about YOU, it's about YOU TWO."
Mark 10:8

"...and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh..."

I help spouses and spouses-to-be create more UNITY in marriage by teaching them how to effectively come UNION cate. (communicate) Communication is the key to arguing less, and talking more.

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There are many great Public Speakers. How many Speaker Poets do you know?

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Poor communication skills is the #1 problem in marriage, says over 20 years of research. Learn how to communicate quickly, and effectively to save yourself from years of arguments, misunderstanding and possible divorce. 

Come UNION cation   


Helping husbands to see that  communicating as “one” means fusing how he thinks logically, with how he feels emotionally.  


Helping wives  unite what she feels, with his logic so that she can get through to her husband. 


Helping spouses-to-be truly understand what ‘two’ becoming ‘one’ truly means. And how to live it out biblically.


1 in 7 marriages ends in divorce. What do newlyweds need to know not to be yet another statistic?


This is a timely and supportive introduction to effective communication in marriage. It addresses a number of key marital struggles and clearly directs the way to navigate them without hitting rocky shores. Felice is personal, and honest and offers some helpful insight to navigate communication difficulties. He is also theologically sound in his discussions of relevant Biblical texts. Many new and struggling couples could learn much ffrom this helpful guide to communication issues.

Pastor Thom Schultz
President & Professor of Theology/Philosophy at Faith & Reason Institute

This is a phenomenonal book inspired by God!! It is packed with wisdom that is useful in ALL types of relationships, not just marital. I am a husband, a father and a pastor and the wisdom from this book will shape the way I approach my all of relationships. The story telling, poetry and humor make this an enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book to anyone; whether you are considering marriage, newly married or married for 50 years. It is definitely worth the read.

Pastor Kevin Simmonds
Pastor of Love gospel Worship Center

Felice Mathieu has written a very compelling work, pertinent to marriages, and pre-martial couples in the twenty-first century. Though there are other aspects of marriage that are of grave importance, Mathieu has isolateD a salient “bullet point,” one in which all other important matters of marriage hinge upon, communication. As an individual who is certified in pre-marital and marital counseling (pastoral), I recommend Mathieu’s work on communication in marriages for both engaged and presently married couples.

Trevor Delaney

My story…

My mother died of HIV when I was 12. I never knew my birth father, let alone saw a picture of him. My stepfather, I knew, and he was with me at the hospital when my mother was dying.
That same week, my stepfather leaves me with some family friends and goes to Haiti. Around two months later, I am told that his ex-wife murdered him.
That leaves my last living blood relative, my granduncle. He dies a few months later of Diabetes. Within a year, I lose all of my blood relatives. I bring all that up to say this; those circumstances made me obsessively study relationships. What I needed to know is what made relationships fail or succeed. Every bond I would then form would be in an extension of a family that I would never have.
I was the kid in middle school, high school, and college that conducted surveys and questionnaires on notebooks. Asking everyone and anybody to take it, to collect data I could analyze. I would interview married couples. I would take polls. I read books related to relationships, but more specifically, intimate relationships. Why that focus? Well, I needed to repopulate the ‘Mathieu generation.’ I had a powerful desire to gain enough knowledge to form lifelong relationships, hoping to fill that void the effects of having no family had on me.
My research revealed that the #1 problem all relationships faced was poor communication in marriage skills.
I took that knowledge into Spoken Word Poetry on and off for ten years.
Now, as a Communication in Marriage Coach, I help spouses and spouses-to-be with communication within marriage.

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